Just throw the NHL 17 puck on net

You may have said it better than I did. What this game does is use the AI to balance the game so the weaker team is competitive.

Its quite evident just by the posts in this thread.

Just throw the puck on net. Offense is easy. I’m scoring more goals now than ever.
Gonna go out on a not so wild limb and say these individuals routinely have low puck possession/don’t cycle the puck and score on the rush for the overwhelming majority of their goals. Their personal success = how well the game plays. A very biased view.
I appreciate the replies both negative and positive. Posting what I did I knew I would get the typical frat boy “Don’t let the door” comments.

Lastly I know where my place is. As a single consumer I’m just a single tooth on a cog in the grand machine. I’m fully aware EA could likely give two **** but I’m appreciative of my ability to come on here and air some grievances so that if one day EA wants to figure out what is driving away the fans, they have a place to look.

Bold part – It’s typical of the truly IMMATURE people to say that kind of stuff.

I give you much props and a big BRAVO ZULU. Like I said, I am in the same boat as you! I have been an avid EA supporter since NHL92 but it kills me to see how far how fast this series has dropped. I’ve been a member of these here Forums since ’08 and many regulars know my spiel and how I feel about certain things.

YES I know for a Fact that my complaints or opinions fall on deaf ears (EA) and are mocked by the IMMATURE Children on this Forum but hey I too am a BUYING CONSUMER and what do CONSUMERS do when they are unhappy with a product that they like? They Complain about it (that’s the way the world works).

A small fraction of the player base plays EASHL? I’d say most of the people who play this game regularly, play EASHL exclusively. None of my friends play any of the other modes because they are garbage in comparison. If at least 3 people from the club aren’t on, we play a different game or watch netflix lol.


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