One of the gamechangers actually alluded to the NHL 17

I did play the beta and like many others will confirm both nhl 16 and nhl 17s beta played way different than the games release. Whether that’s more server load which causes more delay or funky issues in game once the full release happens, or whether it’s last minute tuning you guys did I don’t know. But the beta is definitely not the way to judge how the game is at release because both years now I’ve felt so smooth during the beta just for it to be unplayable after release, all the while the game telling me I’m at 14 MS

One of the gamechangers actually alluded to the fact that the skating was similar over the summer. After hearing that and playing the beta, that was all our team needed to hold off on buying the game. We’re just not interested until some drastic changes are made to the way this game controls.

The idea of re-releasing one of the older games (09-12) was brought up before. If this is the route the game is going to keep taking, releasing one of the older versions again would be a decent move until the current game hits whatever vision it is going for.

I’ll disagree with that, the game was still riding the high from the 09-12 days and people were just hoping it would get better each year (including me). It is now just getting to the point where people are fed up with a bad game, it is not because there are just small updates every year.

This is a poorly made game, plain and simple, it controls horribly and has some of the worst servers for online play of any game, you don’t keep/make new fans with that formula.

Exactly. Like I said most people bought it because of those fun years and even when TPS was introduced and it started going downhill people, including myself, buy it each year hoping it will be better than the last year, and it’s just gone too long now without any real fixes or changes to the things people find frustrating.

While the sales may still be there, there’s no doubt that people are dropping the game earlier and earlier after each release due to frustration and just plain not having fun playing it. It’s only a matter of time until people stop buying it all together cause they can’t justify spending $70- $100 just to HOPE the game is finally the one we want


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