There was a lot more time and space so good D stood out

Ya it blows my mind how anyone feels like D is easier to play now than it was in 09-12. I honestly think it’s because the game now holds your hand so much when playing that mistakes don’t cost you like they used to. Good human D in 09-12 were very noticeable. I guarantee if you could go back and look at the club leaderboards for any of those games that people felt D were at a huge disadvantage, the top clubs back then were still 1.5 to 2 goals against on average, so explain how D was in a bad place cause I don’t get it.

The difference between then and now is back then it felt like there was a lot more time and space so good D stood out because there was a lot more 1 on 1 type play and shutting teams down off the rush at the Blueline, but the D handled so well that they were capable of doing it. Now you have a game where clunky skating, horrible puck pickups, and bad online connections are preventing forwards from creating offense more than the opposing D. But to top it off if you are playing anything but eashl with a human goalie, the computer goalie or computer d on the other team plays a bigger role defensively than the humans do and often times are the Gamechanger, and sometimes can even be your downfall due to how inconsistent it is.

I agree with this completely, along with the majority of this thread and others like it.
NHL has always been my main game. Pre-TPS I would play it for hours every single day and had little desire to play anything else. Post-TPS, I get so disgusted (sorry, I know that’s a strong word, but I’m just being completely honest), that it’s not uncommon for me to play 1 game, win it, and then just turn it off.. and not touch it again for 4+ days =\. I say this as someone who doesn’t really have much else to play either, so it’s not like I’m ignoring NHL in favor of some other major title that’s new and exciting.

I’m glad that even people who used to just say, “git gud scrub, u must be arcade-loving noobs lmao, the game is fine, ur just bad” are now finally seeing the light.
I applaud the thought behind TPS, and the vision for it and everything it was supposed to be. The idea behind it was the right one, and I appreciate all of the hard work that went into it and refining it. Unfortunately, it just didn’t pan out, even with 5 years of refining. The game desperately needs a new engine; tweaking sliders is not going to change the fundamental core problems that have plagued the game since its introduction – problems that have been killing the gameplay and fun-factor for five years running now.

I think he means it’s more of an issue in hut and versus play because no matter what you set the ai too, they do not cover the point. Yet if you try to take it away yourself, you better enjoy giving up simple cross crease or shortside goals. Playing hut and versus you can blast 1 timers all game long and they are almost too effective. In eashl, yes the D are covered by the wingers so it’s not a huge deal. But when playing hut and versus it requires very little skill and has a huge success rate just taking one timers from the uncovered D at the point and it’s become the go to way of scoring for most

The way he’s bragging about his defense, he better be a div 1 guy with at least a 3/1 record. If not hes just some bummy guy from 09-12 who was below 500 because he didnt know how to play d and needed handicaps. I had zero problem shutting guys down during those years. I cant be at the point (on both sides), at the high slot, at the front of the net and at the corner of the net to prevent all these cheesy goals from happening. You have to rely on ai or a goalie to make the easy 40′ save and thats not a good thing this year. Yet i still semi manage but its boring, stupid and not fun.


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